Friday, January 29, 2016

Ancient Wicca Moon spells

Fast Working Ancient Wicca Moon Spells

The moon is a powerful Wicca spell casting enhancement tool. It can be used to average extreme heights of potency and spiritual energy. The power that the moon can harness and provide a witch or coven during a spell casting can help a spell achieve monumental results!

Most Powerful Lunar Wiccan Spell Casting

Lunar magick is different than normal magick, as it works to advantage the moon phases, with other astronomical events and positions. Moon magick is very old, dating far back before even the creation of the Wicca religion. Wicca adopted, embraced and further evolved / developed moon magick to what it is today. The truth is, moon magick can be used in combination with many other techniques to produce extreme spells. This is helpful for many things, from love and break up spells to money and gambling / lottery spells. Moon magick can enhance beauty spells, weight loss spells and justice spells. Moon magick can be white or black in nature, or in between...powerful spells can be cast with no negative repercussion using the moon the correct way.

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